As we live in the digital era, our connections are rising.
Let’s welcome a new way to measure your partners’ performance while they promote your products/services.

Make a Partnership

Many businesses choose to collaborate with influencers as a way of promoting their products/services in a different market. How will you ensure that your partner’s network is efficient?

Each partner representing a specific brand has a custom link through which he can be paid based on sales. provides a custom link for each of your partners to measure sales provides by their promotion. Thus, the business owner can check the sales from each affiliate with just a click!

>Make a Partnership


  • The platform takes a percentage of the total cost as a fee.
  • The customer (creator of the smart page) can pay a deposit or charge the whole money, and the platform will deliver the due balance to the owner after the process.
  • Furthermore, the user can configure the VAT in accordance with the tax system of the nation in which his business operates.
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